Artist Bio


I think of photography as Visual Craft.  It is not passively selecting images.   It is the antithesis of curating. Art is an active process, which if successful, creates a reaction in the viewer.  Stylistically, I embrace the goal of capturing the fluidity of time, space, light, shadow, color, expressions, and history.  

The artistic aim of photography is the same as any other artistic medium; employing techniques which translate the emotion of the image to the viewer.  Photographic art is intended to be more than a pretty picture you hang behind your couch.  It isn't meant to match your duvet.  Photography, is meant to be emotive.  If it is inspiring, that's a plus, but I'd much rather my work be contemplative.  

The zeitgeist of place through the years, through the seasons, through various lenses exposing and illuminating beautiful, curious, and reflective images for the beholder.  The image could be an iconic building, a couple kissing, a waterbody, abstract or design elements.   Feeling is what translates to the elegant meaning of photography for me.   A sense of place, our place, together.   

-  Erreca Batchelor, Photographer





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