Erreca Batchelor is an Architectural and Landscape Photographer.  She opened The Springs Gallery in Sharon Springs, New York in the summer of 2015.  The Springs Gallery is now closed and featured her photographic work, as well as that of local New York and California artists, such as the talented Lordon Bunch, Larry Laifer, MD, and Doug and Barbara Luhman of Eagle Street Studios in NY.

Erreca currently resides in Carmel By-the-Sea, California and has a residence in Cooperstown, NY. 

For photographic inquiries, 

I think of photography as visual craft. The artist seeks an unspoken understanding with the artistic viewer. The photographer’s job is to capture the fluidity of time, space, light, shadow, color, expressions, textures and history for that viewer.

The aim of photography being the same as any other artistic medium; employing techniques which translate the emotion of the image to the viewer. Photographic art is intended to be more than a pretty picture you hang behind your couch. It is meant to be reactive, evocative.

The zeitgeist of place, through the seasons, locations, through various lenses and digital post production, exposing and illuminating the images, providing a language, a translation of art. That to me, is the elegance and brilliance of photography. “
- Erreca Batchelor, Photographer